Trump Campaign Coordinator…

November 20th, 2017

Faces life in prison for “Sex Trafficking”

Read, that, again. Holy Fuck Balls folks

(Mr Creepy)

They ARE the damn Swamp. This guy’s

an Evil Fraud. Ralph Shortey  (You Can

not make up Their Names at this Point)

Plead Guilty, To Sex Trafficking A Minor

with a minimum 10 years in Prison as a

sentence. He Was “Busted” in a Super 8

Hotel with with a 17 Year Old Boy. He is

also charged With Child Porn. Oh goody

What A Fine “Family Values” Republican

Wow, This Shit is Very Disgusting & just

the tip of The Ice berg. Down they All go

NOTE : ‘Anti-LGBT Republican’, Resigns
In Disgrace After ‘Being Caught’ Having
Sex With A Man In His Office. Ooooooh!
Party Of “Family Values” At It Again! OH
Boy They Really Really Hate Themselves

Have a day!

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