The Price Is Wrong!

September 28th, 2017

Trump is not having a Good week nor

is our country. You have a lunatic hick

(Utter Nutter)

with A Gun as R-Nominee in Alabama

who was Removed from office TWICE

You got Bannon/Palin/Bachman’s big

wing of “Batshitcrazy” as the Entire R

Party today Driving it off a Mega Cliff

And now, as Distraction #3 You got A

Con-man hired by a Con-man in Tom

Price, Running up The Tab on ALL us

American Tax Payers. Now, we are all

objective here. Only good thing Trump

(<-Real POS!)

did with Puerto Rico was “promise” to

help and send them things. Even their

Governor agreed, but wanted a follow

through on it. Knowing WHO Trump is

he WILL ROYALLY Fuck it Up, And You

heard it here 1st; shit just is what it is

NOTE: Republican Steve Scalise, Who
Was Shot At A Congressional Soft Ball
Game, Finally Came Back To Work So
Good For Him He Also Claimed It Was
A Miracle. Ahem, No. Being Shot Point
Blank In The “Fucking Head” As Gabbi
Giffords Was…Was A Miracle. He Was
Shot In The Hip. Again. Glad He’s Just
Back But Not The Same Events At ALL
NOTE II :  Big Democratic Win In FLA
Special Election Unseating Republican

Have a day!

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