Now, The “Trumpers” Turn…

September 27th, 2017

When all focus should be on Puerto Rico

and The Still Sufferin’ Victims of Harvey

(Tough Shit)

In Houston And Irma in Florida, We Get

an Orange Racist Asshole Who Is feeling

Bob Muellers Walls Closing in so quickly

that he Believes “Distraction” is the Tool

he should use. But it’s not workin’ and it

is even turnin’ them all away faster then

Anyone ‘Thought’ Possible. Face it, If You

Were A Trump Voter & Didn’t Know Who

this lying Racist con-man fraud was then

(Waking Up!)

You all Deserve Everything you’re seeing

right Now. He is The SAME ASSHOLE As

before, just With a lil’ More Power. So no

One Is Surprised. This Sunlight Ends Our

“Trump Nightmare of Hate”. Ex – McCain

Campaign Head, Steve Schmidt, Called It

out. My question to everyone now waking

up……”Where the fuck have you all been?”

NOTE: Absolute Horror, At Six Flags Great
America In Gurnee, IL As A Group Of Eight
Teens, & One Adult Attacked A Family Of 3
Hospitalizing, Them All. They Started With
The 12 Year Old Child Then The Father Did
Come To Aid, When They ALL, Surrounded
The Father(51 year old) Beatin’ And Kickin
Him. The Wife Tried To Help & Was Struck
As Well. This Unacceptable Horror And All
Should Be Doing Serious Jail Time What If
Anyone In The Family Died?!?!? All Violent
Fraud Criminals Pickin’ On The Weakest In
Society If You Look At The Mug Shots They
Are All “Adult Like” Big Men. It’s Disgustin’
(Why Did No One Else Come To Their Aid?)
NOTE II : Four NCAA Basketball Programs,
Are In BIG Fuckin’ Trouble Right Now Over
Bribes. The FBI Will Hammer Em All. Good

Have a day!

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