A Gun At His Rally?!?!?

September 26th, 2017

As Puerto Rico Tries to Simply live

This is one of Those Posts That Are

(Oh jeeeez)

hard to type. Our “County” is going

through Change and Those Hateful

voices from a past that died so long

ago, are Trying to Get Much Louder

They’ll Never win, but it’s a bad day

Roy Moore, Felon Racist lying Fraud

pulled a fuckin’ loaded gun on stage

You did not miss read that. Pulled a

loaded gun to show he’s a ‘real’ 2nd

(Gun=Penis/IQ; Tiny)

Amendment Guy. No Roy, you are a

fundie lunatic Unfit For Civil Society

Hopefully He Wins, which Would Be

a solid Chance for Democrats to win

Alabama, your Violent extremism is

showing Bigly. If this Truly is who U

are….the world Has Passed you by &

you/your hate will be left in the dust

bins of History. These are not trying

(We Know)

times. They Are Testing Exactly who

we all are; and WE don’t do that shit

Pat Tilman’s wife told You Off Trump

And, More Coming Out Daily. All Our

Country IS “Coming Together” These

days….but not remotely Why Trump/

Republican’s All Thought For. GOOD

NOTE : Republican Deathcare Bill Fail
3.Blow. These Sociopaths Are Nothing
But A Puddle Of Piss, Who ‘Lied’ From
Day 1. After 8 Years You’d Think They
Had Something, Right?!?! Nope, Their
‘Entire Plan’ Was “Fuck Off…….Kill ACA
& Hand Over Tax Cuts!”. Now, They’re
Just Going For The Tax Cuts Part. Boo!

Have a day!

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