The Graham-Cassidy Fraud Lies…

September 20th, 2017

Between Trumple Thinskin’s Jabbering

all empty insane Threats to an always

(Doody Donnie)

tiny ego Driven turd in N. Korea. And

Orange Ass Ending The Iran Pact. We

get this “Rocket Man” Gibberish. Kim

Jong Un is a man Trapped in a Babies

body. Trump’s a baby “Trapped” In A

fat lying racists body. Oh speaking of

“loud lying assholes” we have these 2

shits Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy

are now Trying to Reward Their states

for not taking The Medicaid Expansion

(<-The Liars Club!)

by punishing everyone else…..all while

Lying About The “Horrific Effects”. How

do we know it’s that bad?!?!?!?!?! Well

for Starters It Was Debated For Only a

Total Of 90 Seconds to 2 Minutes. This

is A “States Rights” Scam. The Right of

most of the Poorest States to Tell those

on the ACA to all Fuck off. They Simply

intentionally Made it, so The CBO Can’t

score since States’ll Make The Call. Oh

(We Know)

I see, send it to the States To Fuck Over

Everyone, because you sociopaths don’t

Have The Balls. You Fraud Fucks, Pissed

off Jimmy Kimmel. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

NOTE: US ‘Increases’ Military Budget By
$80 Billion, Because, “Let’s Burn Money”
Instead Of Free Public Colleges. Oh, Shit!
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Warned Us All Of
This ‘Military Industrial Complex’, Before
NOTE II: Much Love Sent To All Those In
Puerto Rico, Who Are Still “Dealing” With
Maria’s ‘Fury’. 90+ Are Dead, And All Our
Hearts Are Breakin Go Seek Shelter Now!

Have a day!

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