Unfunny Spicer, RNC Legal Fees…

September 19th, 2017

With Mueller’s “investigation” seemingly

rounding The Home Stretch, we get the

(Buckle Up!)

biggest tell. Paul Manafort was actually

listened in on With A Warrant. You can

expect An indictment of him And More

Trump’s usin’ RNC Funds for His Legal

team. AKA-burning your donors money

who are a collection of Suckers & idiots

BUT, Spicer’s Bit was Unfunny And Not

worthy of Any Attention. He Took A job

to LIE to The American People Daily, &

if you’re a pro-wrestler, fine. We all get

(Fraud asshole!)

it’s Fake. When It’s The WH Press?!?!?!

His Lies Effect All Citizens Daily. This is

not some fucking game. To reward that

with “Oh you Dickens” isn’t funny. That

is the sign of the times for frauds being

lauded and winked at. It is pretty gross

Two Innocent People, & ‘Shoot’ Up Others
Home I Never Post Their Names Here Just
Their Vile, Evil, Unacceptable Acts Of Hate
This, Will Not Stand. This Hate, Must Stop!
NOTE II: Mexico City 7.1 Quake, Rocks All
Around. Stay Strong, Help Others & Stand
Together Much Love To All Of You Effected

Have a day!

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