Pure Violent Racist Hate…

September 12th, 2017

A Bi-racial boy of 8 was lynched &

hung. Thankfully he Survived, But


the cops did NOTHING & even the

Fucking Police Chief, ‘Mark Chase’

Said This ‘Heinous Insane’ bullshit:

“These People, need to Be Protected
(the racist teens who did this horror)
Mistakes they make, as a young child
shouldn’t have to Follow them for the
rest of their life (effecting their lives)”


That Racist Fuck, Should Be ‘Fired’

yesterday. They all just Committed

Attempted Murder. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is unacceptable horror. This is

pure evil. This will not be Tolerated

by society ever. If Police won’t do it

society will. Sure hope it so Doesn’t

come to that, but Law Enforcement

are giving us Citizens very lil choice

Trumps america thinks this is some


game. It, is, NOT. The full weight of

the entire country will be Felt Upon

You All. Never, Never, Never, Again

Your Hate Will End All Of Your lives

NOTE : Kushner Is A Key & We Also
“Pointed It Out Here” That He Knew
The Entire Time As Did Trump. It Is
All Over But The Cuffs & The Crying
Rumps Lawyers Wanted Him FIRED
Knowing, What They Already KNOW

Have a day!

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