Mis-Communications Director…

September 11th, 2017

It Seems, Even Trumps “Social Media” director

doesn’t know what’s Real or Fake but he posts


“Fake News” Anyway? Dan Scavino Jr (So who

comes with these Names “Villains Are Us?!?!?)

tweeted a Pic of The Miami Airport Underwater

Only Problem, it Wasn’t The Miami Airport, & it

Wasn’t During Irma. Ooooooooooooooooooops

Damn these People are Fucking stupid. It is SO

disgustingly Sad, All Of ‘Social Media’ Correctly

“Ripped” on Dan For Not Doing his Fucking Job

Eric Bolling Out & Worse…

FOX News talking Anus Eric “Sexual Harasser”

Bolling Was Fired. Good. He Deserved it. He’s

(<-Human Dick Pic)

a Terrible inhuman Lying Sack of shit. Then, he

lost his son Eric over the weekend. He was just

19. That Is Sad, and Unlike Bolling, & His ilk No

1 takes schadenfreude at loss of family. No one

Now a report that his Son Suffered “Emotional”

torture. Wait, what?!?!? Because his father was

fired for sexual harassment, HE suffered?!?!?!?

Keep it Real, other Kids Can be Brutal, but how

he suffered is a mystery. More details will come

out and let Them. Facts do matter for everythin’

NOTE : Today, We Do Not Weap For The Day Of
9/11 Anymore, We Honor It. By Living Each Day
For Those Who Can’t Any Longer. Think, Quietly

Have a day!

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