DACA Racism, Manafort Fucked…

September 5th, 2017

With A Recharged Labor Day weekend

& Hurricane Irma Cat 5 is Approaching

(We Know)

Racist Trump told Dreamers to go Fuck

Themselves. Make No Mistakes, This Is

racism 101-whatever the 1/2 black guy

did, UNDO. This is not about America or

our values. It’s about hate; and all of us

Americans will never Forget all this hate

Trump is Already the “MOST” Unpopular

POTUS in Modern History & Plummeting

fast. In the next 3 months he’ll likely be

(We Know)

jailed. It’s yet another piece of his Hate

This is tangle up in an already impotent

Republican Congress, There is still time

Manafort Trying To Block…

His Senate testimony from the FBI. Ha!

Bang up work fuckstick; the FBI already


DID a No Knock raid on your ass and so

NOW this?! Seems he Can’t keep All His

lies Straight. No Matter, Sun Light Is So

Coming, For All These Treasonous Snow

Flakes. Watch them ALL melt so Quickly

Seems, Innocent People Don’t Block And

the more they try to hide the bigger their

fall. This isn’t a game. It ends in jail time

NOTE : Trump Lie 7 Billion, The DOJ Just
Confirmed He LIED About A Non-Existent
Obama Wire Tap Of Chump Towers Prick!
NOTE II : The Hispanic Diversity Coalition
Council Quits, After Racist DACA Decision
Ahem Javier What Exactly Did You Fuckin
HappeninG From A ‘PROVEN’ Racist Lying
Pile Of Shit?!? Hitler Didn’t Have A Jewish
Outreach Council, You Ignorant Asshole!!!

Have a day!

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