Mueller’s walls are closing in on Trump

And His Fellow Treasonous Frauds Fast

(“I’m coming!”)

Mattis is ‘Pushing’ Back Against Chump

hard On His Transgender Ban Hate and

it shows. And what’s The Worst Shit we

have to put up With? Fox Fake Assholes

crying how hard It is Defending & being

racist assholes’ well booooo fucking hoo

you melted snowflake fucks. So when it

is Clear Your “views” SUPPORT/DEFEND

racists…….well, then you are one. Period


Not too hard; ya either are a Nazi or ya

ain’t. Their hatefully Ignorant argument

has Now Become “Won’t someone think

of the poor abusive racist Nazi’s?!?!?!?!”

NOTE: A Racist, Georgia Republican Rep
“Threatens” Dem Lawmaker With ‘Death’
The Law, Will Deal With Him Very Swiftly
Next Week: What Is “Wrong” With Pelosi
And All Of Those Bad “Donor Only Dems”

Have a day!

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