Narcissist N Creep…

August 30th, 2017

With Hurricane Harvey Flood waters all

going down….Now The REAL work Does

Childish Fraud)

Begin. To Save, Help, Bury, and Rebuild

Trump made This “Entire” Visit All about

him. Not folks who need help. 15 people

have Passed Away, While others are Just

hoping for help. It’s called The Narcissist

Personality Disorder. Period!!! A Fucking

CNN Reporter, You Know….The One’s He

Verbally Abuses Daily, Actually did more

than The lying Racist Fat Orange Anus &

Creep. He & a Camera man Saved a Man

Whos’ Truck Was, Suddenly Under Water

(AKA Asshole!)

Ever notice Republicans Who Wave their

Don’t Tread On Flag begging For Federal

Aid……..the massive irony is lost on all of

them. It is “Disgusting Ignorance” that is

only Compounded By Republican Politics

(cough) all the assholes like Cruz who all

voted AGAINST Hurricane Sandy aid, but

Now Love it. Disgusting Lying Hypocrites

Man made disasters are simply the worst

(Donate we did or use your time to help)

NOTE: Cop ‘Convicted’ Of Excessive Force
For Firing 16 Shots, Into A Car. Thankfully
No One “Died”. The Car Was Stolen, But It
Does Not Mean Firing 16 Shots, In A Large
Neighborhood…….That Could’ve Killed Kids
‘Justice’ Was Served. More Of This PLEASE

Have a day!

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