Trump Doesn’t Grasp what his Job Was

supposed to be in Texas. He so Doesn’t

(Playing Dressup)

“get it”. He does not grasp the job and

Most Importantly, Isn’t A Human Being

He is, A Racist, lying, Hateful Narcissist

incapable of Aid, Empathy, Or Care. He

went There To Texas & Solely Claiming:

“Thank You Everybody. What A Crowd!!!

What a Turnout!”. FUCK YOU!!! He Also

claimed “Nobody Has ever seen Anythin’

like this”. Yes we have you lying asshole

People need “HELP” Not Some Campaign

(We know!)

rally Photo Op Stop. He is so profoundly

out of his depth Getting Exposed for the

selfish asshole he is. This is solely about

the “PEOPLE OF TEXAS”, Who Need help

His Tweets Are, Ignorant, his Empathy 0

his ability to Grasp what leadership IS 0

What you see is Soulless sociopath. That

is all. It’s Disgusting, sad & unacceptable

(The true hero’s R responders & Regular
Texan Folks All Stepping Up to Help out)

“Sides” Aren’t Equal

When the hate occurred in Charlottesville

a Klan Leader Openly SHOT At A Counter

(<-Racist Scum)

“Protestor”. ‘AIMED A GUN’, & SHOT Right

at him. He Thankfully Missed but Cops did

NOTHING. The ‘Racist’ Asshole, Is Richard

Wilson Preston(He’s a DICK). He’s already

in custody. But he was just charged with 1

tiny slap of “Discharging a firearm”. WTF?!

NO, That is Attempted Murder. Period, And

it is Utterly Unacceptable. This Is just gross

(And they do!)

at this point. Cops best Charge Equally or it

will not be tolerated by any citizens. Justice

best act quickly on this or else Things Erupt

NOTE: R –  Fraud Turd Cruz Decided “Not”
To “Vote” For Sandy Relief, But, Now That
It’s HIS STATE, He ‘Needs’ It. Republicans
Are All “Soulless Sociopaths” Who Are Just
Unable To Grasp Problems, Until It’s Them
Then, “Holy Shit HELP ME NOW PLEASE!!!”
They Are Lying Hypocrites, Funding For All

Have a day!

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