Harvey Help & Shitter Storm…

August 28th, 2017

Trump, in His Nod to KKK Nazi Confederate

racists, Pardoned Joe Arpaio (Forget He did

(The Prick)

It Incorrectly legally speaking) & racist idiot

Gorka Is Gone. But Trump is Only about his

own Hate Tweets, All while Texas drowns in

A Coastal Area, Around Corpus Christi Texas

Is Under Water, ‘All’ From Hurricane Harvey

These Citizens need help, electricity, aid and

Shelter/Evacuation. Thank You, To All of The

1st Responders/Hero’s “Saving” People. This

(Holy shit!)

isn’t a game. Trump is Going To go and Play

at Being A leader. He will fail, Solely because

he ISN’T & Doesn’t Fucking Care about these

citizens in desperate need of help. They need

AID, not a Press photo Op you racist ass clod

‘Genuine People’ Who Care, Don’t need To try

Very Hard. Trump, With Mueller Closing In so

fast best ready himself for some nice jail time

Captain Asshole Thinks This Is all just one Big

(“What, me treason?”)

game. It’s not, it’s Deadly Serious Shit And he

only while being Cuffed, might realize how bad

Have a day!

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