Tired Lying Racist Schtick…

August 24th, 2017

The orange anus clown hits a new low

(and sinkin farther & farther each day)

(Asbestos Pants)

It’s not just the lies, although he lies at

a rate of 5.2 lies A DAY. He is the “best

liar Ever!!!” (In Trumper Voice). His lies

right now are at 1,057 in 200 days; the

Ratio is ASStounding. But, it is Not just

the ‘Lies’ that are just Killing this nation

It’s his hate, division, racism and abuse

of Other Citizens that are. Trump Hates

the Media for one reason. They Keep on

(Stupid Shit)

Covering His Hateful Lies. That bothers

him. That’s like a Child Eating all of the

cookies ya weren’t supposed to touch &

“blaming” your mother for catching you

Crazy isn’t even a word Anymore. There

is just a Picture of Trump on a big toilet

Yelling “It’s Not Poop, It Is Brown Gold!”

NOTE: ‘Hostage Situation’ In Charleston
SC. One Person Was Shot And No Other
Details Have Been Released. We, Will All
Update You, As Details R Made Available
NOTE II : Hateful Lying Partisan Asshole
Snowflake Sean Fannity Hopes That The
Media (Which He Is A Part Of) Would Be
“Nicer” To Trump. Perhaps If The Trump
Wasn’t Spewing Racist Hate, Lying Daily,
& Making ‘Insane Claims’, They Could Be
It’s Like Blaming The Carpet, For A Child
Shittin On It. It’s The CHILD’S Fault, Ass
Call These Lying Shits A Whammbulance

Have a day!

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