The Duped, Ignorant, Deplorable, Suckers

Who Were Stupid Enough To Attend Don’s

(Another view)

Hitler Not-Youth Rally got Their Red Meat

of hate, Rambling ignorance, still standing

up for his hateful Words on Charlottesville

while Re-reading his Monday Statement &

Totally IGNORING his Racist Tuesday one

Forget he Already IS POTUS. And forget it

was mostly empty; and forget he has done

NOTHING ‘Legislatively’. This Was One big

live Therapy session showin’ all his insanity

(Fucking Bonkers)

When The Trumper Reads A Speech off any

Teleprompter, he so clearly doesn’t mean it

And when he Speaks in Hateful Jibberish, it

is off the Fat Cuff, & he means it. He simply

is An Unhinged, Racist, Fact-free Fading ass

hole unworthy to have a job sellin’ usedcars

He also alluded to another government shut

Down? Jesus fuck do Republicans only have

3 plans when in/out of power: tax cuts, hate

all minorities/try to hurt them & government

(His IQ)

shut down?!?!? He lied so much his fat pants

should Have Burst into Flames, And Attacked

the Media Again For Covering His Lunacy lies

Next he will attack Cameras, his Tiny brain &

The English language For plottin’ Against him

Irony: “Lock her Up!” will likely become “him”

NOTE: Who’s Backing Away From Trump?!?!?!
Everyone & It Is Gettin Big League Deafening
NOTE II: Felix Sater Tells Family, And Friends
That He, And Trump, Are BOTH “Going To Jail”

Have a day!

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