Trump is running scared. And he so

should be. The Mueller Walls are all


closin’ in. His racist Remarks are not

going away and so…pivot to the War

in Afghanistan. In a Speech last nite,

he read Generic Platitudes that clash

With His Campaign Promises. Ha ha!

He basically stated the exact thing as

Obama. Why?!? Because it is The US

Military Leaders Policies, That Are the

(Same Plan)

same. This is simply a side step for a

scared Orange Anus. When R’s get in

Trouble, They ALWAYS “Saber Rattle”

(Phoenix’s Mayor said, That Trump is
Not Welcome here, Holding Rallies for
his racist base, this Hate isn’t a game)

Town Hell 5.Blow

Paul Ryan, “Ignored” ACA Healthcare

questions, avoided all Trumps Racist

(BS Machine)

statements of “good people” deflectin

to the old “Let’s have A Conversation”

About it. He Did State KKK Nazi’s Are

all wrong, but used kid gloves on that

Orange asshole so he doesn’t mean it

Here is, The Deal. Republicans, Steve

Bannon/Trump, Are Playing ‘Both’ Of

The Sides Now. The Heel, & The Face

Why?!?! To control the outcomes and

Profit, From BOTH. The Only Way, To

(Human Anus)

beat a Hate Troll stoking Racism who

Is Playing Both Sides, Is Ignore Their

Bait. When You Do, They Die Off into

the night. No Eyes…….no Ad Revenue

Best tactic is offer better polices to all

NOTE : My Brother Daniel Will Be On
MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’ Tonight, Disusing
The Afghanistan War, Which He Was
A Part Of In ‘Theater’. His Knowledge
of That Region is Exemplary. Tune In
NOTE II : Republican Bully, & Violent
Asshole Greg “Body Slamy” Was Mug
Shot & Printed For His Violent Actions

Have a day!

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