Total Eclipse Of The Fart…

August 21st, 2017

If you know 80’s songs you might

Even Remember one Total Eclipse

(No Shit)

Of The Heart By Bonnie Tyler. And

now With Trump Plummeting With

every new poll & his support of all

things White Supremacist; & firing

Steve “bigot master” Bannon & the

Failed ‘Racist Rally’ in Boston, This

Lying Orange Anus is Entering That

“All is well, Do Not panic!!!!!” Kevin

Bacon in ‘Animal House’ Mode. And

(“I’m blind!”)

what Eclipses do, is block out Some

Thing Else. Trump is Just A Morality

Racism Ignorance ‘Eclipse’. Nothing

more And we All Wish it only Lasted

2.5 Minutes. Not To ‘Worry’, Captain

Dick Biscuit already blew through all

the Secret Service funds. This shit is

not only bad. It’s a new low for us all


Things will Get Better, but it all only

happens….TOGETHER. Trumps toast

NOTE : An Ohio Judge Gets Attacked
& Ambushed With Gun, Shot At Then
Fires Back And Killin’ The Attempted
Murderer. The One Time I’m Glad He
Had A Gun, BUT Was Trained To Use
It ‘Perfectly’. How Did The Attempted
Killer Pass A Check, And Own A GUN?
RIP : Dick Gregory Comedian & Social
Activist Passed Away. He Was Special
And So Also ‘Passed’ Jerry Lewis. Also
A ‘Special’ Comedian. Both, Will Be So
Missed, They Gave Us All Such Laughs

Have a day!

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