Bannon Fired!

August 18th, 2017

He claims he “left” but was really just

forced Out. Down, Down, Down They

(More coming)

all Go. This Isn’t a Fucking game and

they will all find this Out Shortly. It’s

quite Insane They Think Quitting will

save Them from All Of Mueller’s legal

Charges Coming. Bannon, Will Be SO

hauled in just as Fast. Down, they go

The Arts Committee quit and asshole

(Keep Going!)

KKK Nazi who were Outed are crying

about the Consequences of their hate

Boooooo fucking hooooo cupcake ass

NOTE : FBI & CIA, You Best End Those
Death Threats To The Mother Of DEAD
Heather Heyer. This Isn’t A Fuckin’ Big
Game. And For Anyone Claiming BOTH
SIDES Did It, Lied, & Support KKK Nazi
Racists, ‘Period’ These Are HARD Facts

Have a weekend!

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