The world of Trump is Crumbling all Around

his fat, lying, Racist Nest head. His Approval

(“Loud noises!”)

rating is Like A Chunky Turd Flushed down a

big toilet at 33%. He Lies so much Daily that

his body must be 100% asbestos or he’d just

Burst Into ‘Flames’. He’s So Much Methane If

someone Lit A Match He’d Explode. Now This

racist immigration Policy is Floated around &

everyone should Call this exactly what it is. A

‘White Nationalist’, Racist, ‘Legal’ immigration

attempt Ignoring Our Constitution, the Statue

(No shit!)

of Liberty And Our Entire Counties History. It

is What it is. But apologists like Jack Kingston

use the Same Lies to Ignore All these Realities

See when a Policy Evaluates legal Immigrants

on the basis of Ethnicity, Race, their income &

education to weed out; it’s Racist by definition

Forget The Horrific Economic Impact This Has

They Think just Having the “Discussion” is fine

Oh, right, Like Floating the idea Of Segregation

(Not Alt, racist)

or bring Slavery or Poll Taxes Back is Just this

Harmless “Conversation”? Fuuuuuuuuuck you

It’s similar to all racists spewin’ racist shit and

when called out on it Saying, “Stop Calling Me

racist for saying racist Things!!!”. Ahem, if you

wish not to be called Racist then STOP sayin’ it

you Hateful Ignorant lying Asshole Cuck Fucks

Things have Gotten so Bad for Trump he’s now

imaginin’ phone calls that never happened and

(We know!)

beggin’ Mexico’s president to lie to his citizens

About Trumps Ignorant Claim, Mexico Will Pay

for His Bullshit Wall. Nieto Just Refused Trump

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

NOTE: Trump, Has Pissed Off Everyone Within
The US, The World And Made A Claim That He
“Won” New Hampshire? Ahhhhh No, He Didn’t
BREAKING: THIS Is The Beginning Of The End
For Trump/His Entire Crew. Muller, Impaneled
A Grand Jury On The Trump RussianTies Probe
You Don’t Seat A Jury, Unless You Are Entering
A New Level Of Intensity. Trump/Crew Are ALL
Going Down….Nothing’ll Stop This Process Now
And Any Attempt To Stop It Ends Trump Faster

Have a day!

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