Us by Supporting a Bill that slashes

LEGAL Immigration. Psssssst, Your

(Yes, Worry)

fucking wife’s right there. But white

Nationalist Racists don’t Really care

But now a Lot of Republicans are so

starting to break. Ohhhh don’t think

for a Second it’s about conscience it

is solely about re-election and being

branded All as Having Done Nothing

before Trump and Crew All Go Down

For Obstruction, Collusion & Treason

(Flake Warned Ya)

Anyone who Believes anythin’ out of

Drumpfs mouth these Days is insane

and Utterly detached from all Reality

Thank Protestors for Saving The ACA

not Senators. Also, The Guy Hired To

“Stop” all the leaks was John Kelly, &

Face It, Trump And Everyone Around

him doesn’t have a “leaking” problem

It’s More Of, A Daily Fucking Monsoon

NOTE: Trumps Empty “But, But, But, I
SIGNED The Sanctions Against Russia”
Ploy For “Sake of national unity” Nope
Just Your Fat Ass From Muller Ahem It
Won’t Help It’s All Over Now Tick Tock
NOTE II: Since Trump Lost, Repealing
The ACA, If He Tries To Cut Funding &
Kill It A Federal Court Just Ended That
States Can Now SUE Trump For Funds

Have a day!

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