“Clown Car” Meeting…

July 17th, 2017

Ever had a meeting, Where Another 4-5

people attended? Oooooooooooooooops

(How many fit?)

Donny Jr’s “Meeting” Had Other Russian

Operatives in that Room. Meet one Rinat

Akhmetshin, A ‘Russian Lobbyist’. Trump

Sr. Lawyer Jay Sekulow lied about secret

service Not Checking This meeting. They

all Pushed back very Hard. The walls are

closing in, and it’s almost over. This isn’t

some joke. This is our Counties future at

stake & Treason isn’t a Partisan issue it’s

a National One. Trump’s Approval Rating


Is At 36% And Sinking. In The Next Two

months, it all Goes South. They are all in

DEEP shit. It’s Really Just Shit Quicksand

The harder they fight the faster they sink

NOTE: Spicer Tries To “Defend” Trump Jr
And It Goes About As Well As You’d Think
It Should. But Off Camera Lying Assholes
Hate Sunlight They Prefer the Dark, Nope

Have a day!

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