And, Contusion, Injunction, Intervention,

Tribulation all describe the lunacy that is


Kellyanne Conway. She Went On TV and

played “Unhinged Moron” Sesame Street

with odd Word association games simply

to “Distract” from the Shellshocking Don

Jr e-mails where he Admitted he wanted

Collusion, With The Russian Government

They aren’t even holding any more Press

briefings on Camera. They Are all off the

Camera Because Trump/Aids Don’t want

(Read this!)

to ever answer anything. Especially WSJ

piece that directly connects all Trumps $

Directly, To Russia. I Already Posted this

stuff before. But it Bears repeatin’ and it

is not Going Away. Tick Tock, tickity tock

NOTE: Pence Spokeman, Won’t Say “No!”
When Directly Asked, “Did Pence Meet W
Any Reps Of The “Russian” Government?”
NOTE II: Finally, A “Trumper”, Really Did
Make The Cover of Time Magazine For All
The ‘Wrong Reasons”, With Don Trump Jr.

Have a day!

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