The entire White House is a Footlocker

with Butter Fingered drunk stockers. It


is Serious. For Trump, Jr, Kushner and

all people Still in this Fail Trump White

House “Russia” isn’t going away and it,

more importantly, Leads to Their down

falls. This is collusion and Treason folks

The law Doesn’t Fuck Around With This

stuff. This is jail and in some states, DC

this is jail for life or Death. For A Bunch

of frauds playing games, they clearly do

(Member Me?)

not grasp the stakes. Shit when FOX is

pointin’ out your obvious illegal actions

it’s “time” to Buckle Up for jail or worse

Just ask IL D Rod Blagojevich if “intent”

will save your Corrupt lying Treasonous

ass? The answer is……………BUZZ! Nope

And he thought the same shit as Trump

NOTE: What If I Told You 13% Of Trump
Voters (And Climbing) Regret Voting For
The Treasonous Orange Anus. Remember
At Least 17-19% Of Trumpers, Will Never
Change, Regret, Or Stop ‘Loving’ Trumpy
But Losing 13%, & Growing Kills Him Off
NOTE II: Senate Deathcare Bill, Is Trying
An A, & B Version, ‘AKA’ How Much Of A
Tax Cut, While, Killing The Poor ‘Citizens’
Update: Trump, Meeting With Agalarov’s

Have a day!

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