Donald Cuck Jr just told the world

he committed Collusion & Treason

(No shit!!!)

in a bunch of e-mails he “released”

Ex – WH Ethics Lawyer Richard “A

Honest Dude” Painter, To W. Bush

laid It Out Very Clearly, “Any loyal

American Would Call The FBI…..we

have got The TOP 3 people, of This

Political Campaign, And We Are All

Now Supposed To Believe, Nothing

happened. No! We know, we know”

He’s America’s Newest Hero, and it

(<-Hero Today!)

is about Fuckin’ time. They’re done

And now, here We Are. At this Sick

Disgusting, moment In our History

After 20 Months Of lunacy, We Are

Finally Here. At The, “Holy Fucking

Shit, You Just Committed Treason”

level. Yes, this goes directly to Don

And “Yes”, this Sucks in about 200

Known Trumpers, Directly working

with/for him in The White House &

(Bye Bye!)

in Congress (Devin Nunes “Ring” a

bell? Paul Ryan?). This Isn’t a Joke

or Some Game. It Ends with Jail or

even execution. They are all fucked

NOTE : How Bad, Do Things Get For A
“Loud Lying Republican Bully” Christie
In Jersey These Days. Well, THIS Bad

Have a day!

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