With Donny Jr meeting with A Russian

Lawyer For Information, About Clinton


‘Opposition Information’. He Took that

meeting. Oooooooooooooooooooooops

See, when I go to hire a hitman, & the

guy I try to Hire is A Cop, I’m STILL so

fucking busted. They’re all going Down

It’s gotten to bad the Director of Ethics

Walter Shaub has quit due to “Officials

must pledge loyalty to the Constitution

the Laws & Ethical Principals Above All

private gains”. He Worked Under Three


POTUS. This isn’t a Partisan Issue, this

is a Treason issue. You can’t serve two

masters(American citizens vs your own

bank account/which is massively illegal

When Australia Media, Calls Out Trump

it rings especially true. They are fucked

NOTE: Republicans, Are Fucked With All
Their “Healthcare Bill Lies” And It’ll Just
Keep Coming With “No End” In Sight As
They Had 8 Years, & Their Answer To All
Poor Citizens Is “Hey, Just Go Die Then!”

Have a day!

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