Spicer can’t name a single legislative

Accomplishment For Trumpy. Mostly

(<-Lying Machine)

because he doesn’t have one. The big

two things he’s done were by cheatin

Gorsuch by going Nuclear & their AG

in Sessions by Pence breaking the tie

Now a judge slaps down orange anus

yet Again. U.S. district Judge William

Orrick ruled Against Dumpster Fire’s

“Sanctuary Cities” is Simply coercion

holding their funds Hostage. Buzzzzz

Wrong Fucko, you lose. Trumps bigly

(<-Mega cuts for rich)

Tax Plan is give away Trillions to the

ultra Wealthy/top .3% While fucking

the “Rest” of us. My, my, my. Simply

handing over our Taxes to banks and

Wall Street And Hedge Funders. The

“problems” With That ALREADY were

Seen Under Reagan, W. Bush and so

fuckface Thinks we don’t remember?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, we do. Bye Bye Ass

NOTE : Germans Booo Ivanka Trump
For Lying To Their Faces. SO Clueless

Have a day!

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