Flynn Fucked & No Wall…

April 26th, 2017

Michael Flynn committed a crime, Period

Ya can’t take $ from Any Russian Leaders


Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly stated it:

“The form he had to fill out, specifically
says You Must Answer Completely, And
Truthfully. He Did Neither, & it was not
complete and it wasn’t truthful so there
is no question, about a violation of law.”

This gets Very bad, VERY Quickly When a

Republican also states it. This ‘Says’ they

all Have The Same Information. And How

many more Trump Campaigners did this?!

Oh, you can bet around 5-6(Manafort and

Page, Miller, Kushner, Sessions etc) and it

ends with Trump. Down, down, down they

all go. So which jail it is we don’t yet know

No Trump “Wall”

In another of Trumps failed Lies, there will

be no wall. But does that stop Republicans

(<-Chump Liar!)

from lying about it?!?! Oh fuck no. They’re

now saying “It just Might Be Drones and it

might be more technology/man power but

it won’t be an actual bigwall”. They Clearly

don’t Understand the Definition of a “Wall”

and running From Trumps Toxic shit by all

lying trying to change The Definition. Ahhh

no, you can’t. They are Batshitcrazy Fidiots

NOTE: Trumps “Tax Plan” Is Simply W’s Old
One From 2001 Solely For The Top .3%, As
W Said The “Have Mores”. You, Have, BEEN
Duped Trumper Idiots. This, Cripples Us ALL
It Is “Classic Failed Trickle Down Economics”

Have a day!

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