All eyes are squarely on France these

days. With “Female Trump” X’s 300 in

(She’s racist evil)

Le Pen versus average intelligent guy

who is completely “Stable” in Macron

It’s not Really A choice. It’s door One

with racist insanity they can see in an

Orange Anus Fucking Things up daily

here. Or, Door “Two”: Sound rational

leadership That Understands racism’s

Just, Not An Economic Policy Position

“Believe Me” France is “Paying” Close

(Fascim 101)

Attention to Trump to Avoid what we

did folks. They See he’s A Bad failure

It’s not likely she’ll win since Macron

Holds A “Commanding” 62% To 38%

lead today. It All Means Nothing if ya

don’t VOTE!!!! As with every Election

It still comes down To Votes, and you

must vote in record Numbers France!

Reject fascist authoritarian Plutocrats

(Racist Dad!)

They will destroy your country quickly

May 7th, vote for sanity, vote Macron!

NOTE  : Speaking Of Insanity, Trumpy
Wants To Shut Down Government. Oh
Boy, They, Can, Not, Govern. The Only
Shit, They Can Do, Is Lie, Tax Cuts For
The Top 1%, And Shut Down Congress

Have a day!

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