Jon Ossoff didn’t get 51% of the vote

He got 48%. That is very good, but it

(Win in June!)

signals A “DEEP” dislike for Trumpers

If he’d Have won at 51%, it would’ve

been more landmark. The fact he did

not but only by 3% is the second best

outcome. Look out Republicans in ’18

you are in DEEP Shit. Speaking of the

Average Racist Republican, Billy-O, Is

OUT, Gone, Fired From FOX. So Long

fuck face. One Racist, lying, Cheating,

hateful, sexual predator down….100’s

(So long asshole!)

to still go! Oh and speakin’ of speakin

Of Average Racist Republicans, A FLA

senator used a racial slur on the floor

We give you Frank Artiles, used a bad

Variation of The “n-word” in a Heated

Conversation At The big Tallahassee’s

Governor’s Club, with Democratic Sen

Audrey Gibson Of Jacksonville & Perry

Thurston Of Fort Lauderdale. He then,

used Belittling, And Obscene language

as well. Then Came the “Usual” Racist

Non-apology Of: “I’m So Sorry, that is

(<-Racist Prick)

not me, I Do Ask For Your forgiveness”

Translation: “I am still a Fucking racist

but really upset I’ve been caught being

one. It Hurts me”. Well GOOD, so long

NOTE: So the FBI “Dossier” Appears To
Be The 1st, Of Many Direct Russian Ties
To Trump. It, Is All About Carter Page &
This Is NOT ‘Going Away’ Anytime Soon

Have a day!

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