Protests Erupted, All Over the weekend

of Citizens demanding the Orange anus

(Release Them!)

release this tax returns and that noose

of Russian Financial/Campaign Ties are

at A Fever Pitch. Impeachment is Likely

when those Investigations conclude ace

And 2 add insult to idiot douche Trump

kid Donny Douche Jr. Who was Blasted

for his so stupid “Very fake news” shirt

You Can’t, Make This Shit Up. The Putin


shirtless with Besties was hilarious Fun

Tick Tock, Tick tock, tick tock. Ooooops

NOTE : Bernie Like Democrat, Bernicrat
James Thompson Almost Won A Seat In
A Massive Red State. Take Note, That IT
Is, A Winning Message, For, All Elections
NOTE II: Alex Jones Admits He’s A Lying
‘Fraud’ In Open Court. His Defense Says
He Is “Playing A Character”. No, He’s So
Just A Lying Conman Loser Troll Fuck-O

Have a day!

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