Tiny Dick-Tator…

January 31st, 2017

Turns Out, The Entire Reich Wing

was loudly projecting when it was

bamboozled(Yes, we know)

Obama in office “Screaming” that

he was a dictator & it was simply

the usual Thing every Republican

Does. P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N. Now

the Orange Clod just Deregulated

Nothing Specific. He said that for

every 1 New Regulation They will

cut two. WTF?! He Said they will

cut regulations by 75%. Oh good

a Libertarian Racist Nightmare in

Racist morons(<-Suckers!)

full flow. Oh & hint: you lying ass

toys signed a “Muslim Ban”. That

has never been in Dispute. And it

was even said by Rudy Rockhead

At this rate, old Trump might not

make March at this point and we

all know it’s the shortest…like his

fingers. And How About All those

fuckin’ MORON Republicans who

said, Trump ‘Never’ Would “Do A

Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus. (Photos: Cheriss May, Win McNamee (2) /Getty Images)(Team Liars!)
Muslims Ban”. Well Golly jeepers

what are They Saying now?!? Oh,

the USUAL Bullshit Hypocrite lies

Ryan & Mitch the bitch are aholes

At Least, a few sane R’s spoke up

NOTE: Priest Tell Anti-Trumpers
Protesting Against His ‘Unlawful’
Actions; To Go “Commit Suicide”
Stay Classy Padre My Such Love!
NOTE: Spicer, And Conway Have
Lied So Much In A Short Amount
Of Time They’re Gonna Immolate
UPDATE : Trump, Tries To “Run”
Country As A Business Firing AG
Sally Yates So Fast. It’s His Right
To Do So, But He Can’t, Just Fire
‘Everyone’, Who Upholds Our US
Constitution. But, He Might TRY!

Have a day!

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