How Fascism Begins…

January 30th, 2017

Post, I Warned U about. It is bad

Trump, Steve “KKK” Bannon and

Fascism 101 hate(We Remember!)

Rudy “bigot toy” Ghoulianni have

decided the Governmental rule of

laws is Optional. They Began the

“ethic cleansing” project of simply

“Banning” all Muslim Refugee’s in

countries we aren’t even at War in

READ, THAT, AGAIN…..not only is

it utter racist Fascist lunacy, but it

is against the law 2 do so. They’ve

now violated The Immigration and

trump-italian-fascism-mussolini(We know)

Nationality Act of 1965. So legally

speaking they’ll all be “Decimated”

in court. But will That Sink in? Oh

fuck no. These are Reality denying

Racist Fascists. Fuck the Courts, &

they will howl, “All the Judges and

laws are Hillary voters, ignore em”

American Citizens have Quickly all

responded in legal peaceful protest

to stop this Illegal unconstitutional

Racist moron asshole(Racist Anus)

fucked up ‘Hate’ in record numbers

But, the real Play was in Removing

National Security Council, Director

of “National Intelligence” and their

chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

Replacing them all with Bannon?!?

This is unheard of. It’s replacing all

Intelligence with Racist Lunacy lies

And now, these Dark Days Will not

last. For we as Americans seein the

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at a campaign rally Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, in Florence, S.C. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)(“Racist In Chief”)

fastest most unpopular president in

modern American History do it will

not stand. Buckle up Orange fucker

the Next 3 Months’ll be Hell And it

is All Self Inflicted shit. He will Run

from “Office” And Deserves EVERY

Amount of Public Scorn for the rest

of his Miserable, pathetic Racist life

Pence, you are on deck, and also on

notice. Try the same BS pushing us

Trump being an idiot(“Can I leave”)

into a Theocracy and You’ll Get The

same fate, only faster. You woke up

all The American Citizenry & All our

feet will be SO far up your ass, your

tongue will able to tie our shoelaces

NOTE : Evil Terrorist Attack Against
A Canadian Mosque A Shooting That
Killed 8 ‘Innocent’ People. We All Do
Wonder How Racists Will Explain It!

Have a day!

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