The Delusional Dumbass…

January 26th, 2017

When a Reporter Sits down with

the Lying Bully Baby They Might

trump-lies(We know)

want to Wear Fishing Waders for

all the bullshit they’re about 2 be

“Neck high” in. ABC’s David Muir

had to listen to Lies About “Voter

Fraud” that do NOT exist then he

had to Watch Trumpy lie about it

Again, Again & Again. Then came

“The Wall”. It’s Expected To Cost

us Between $12-26 Billion. And it

will paid for by US tax payers. He

Voter fraud lunacy lies(Trump Lies)

is claimin “But I’m just telling you

there’ll be a payment (by Mexico)

It will be in a form, and perhaps a

complicated form” Translation: “I

have no clue How/if they’re payin’

for it you dumb Fuckers!!”. This is

Uncharted Waters, For The POTUS

to be a lying bully moron who cuts

people off rejecting all reality. The

limitless Danger in any leader who

Donald-Trump face with finger(Historically Hideous)

openly rejects reality favoring any

fantasy that pops into their tiny id

is terrifyin’. He has serious mental

issues, That Places Us All At “Risk”

NOTE :  “Mary Tyler Moore” Passes
Away. RIP, She Was ‘A Great Actor’
NOTE II: Racist Bannon; Threatens
The Press To “Keep Its Mouth Shut”
This Is Fascist Germany 101 People
UPDATE : Trumper Suckers, You’re
“Paying” For The Wall You Morons!!

Have a day!

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