A “Spicer” Meatball…

January 24th, 2017

Oh, so now According To “Lying” Machine

5.0 “sometimes we can disagree with the

POTUS Spicer idiot PR lies(Chronic Liar)

facts”. Yes, That is Called: LYING. That’s

also called “Denying reality, favoring the

lies”. Never before in modern US history

have we had This lunacy. N-E-V-E-R and

it is past upsetting. The media?!? F-. The

producers of these “News” shows?! They

Are All “Lining” Their Pockets With WWF

like “Ad Revenue”. Damages be damned

Some things require little debate. Unless

said “fake debate” helps your fat pockets

The Liars Club(Sadly True)

There is no “But just think of it from that

murdering Kid Rapists point of view”. Ah,

NO. Either have a valid argument, or you

go study/Learn/Understand FACTS. They

are your friends. And WE (The rest of us)

are NOT. Is this real life?! What the fuck?

Have a day!

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