The Ignorance Has Landed…

January 23rd, 2017

For Trump, I’ve seen smarter cabinets

at IKEA for fucks sake. Oh, and his big

Trump dark hate speech(We know)

“inauguration” speech was a farce and

study in how to Cast a dark shadow on

our Country, While Claiming things he

doesn’t believe himself. He didn’t ‘Run’

to be everyone’s POTUS. He ran for all

the racist hateful morons to be “theirs”

And the 1st thing his Newest lying Toy

did at the 1st Press Conference?!? LIE

about The Crowd Size (Puts Head Into

hands sadly). Yes, I guess pictures are

Trump Vs Obama turnout(Yes, we know)

now lying & The Packers Actually Beat

the Falcons by 50 points in fantasy US

They are at war with Reality & ‘Media’

allowed that to occur. The only GOOD

thing Trump Did While in Office so far

is keep us out of the TPP. Good!!! And

Then, He Signed An Order CUTTING a

popular all 1st time Home Owners Fee

break 4 mortgages. Ah yes Fucking all

the poor Right on Que. Such a cockbag

All the Rural White Trash that voted 4


this Sociopath Deserve Everything All

Coming Their ways. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

And the “suckers” who all bought into

Trumps Jingoistic nationalistic lies?!?!

Had their “gear” made in China! HA!!

Have a day!

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