Climate Science isn’t a game, a guess

or some conspiracy theory. When the

HEAD IN THE SAND(<-Republicans)

ENTIRE NASA “Scientific Community”

finds 97% consensus you have a fact

That is, until Someone can prove it to

be false. I’m open minded. Show that

PROOF. BUT, Shifting That Burden Of

Proof, back on to those that proved it

is insanity. The reason? They are not

factually scientific people. So they all

choose “I feel” or “My gut says”. Well

Scott Pruitt fraud with glasses(Scott the Fraud)

(Well, More Like My Fossil Fuels Say)

next time 97% of those Dr’s you visit

explain that you have stage 3 Cancer

by Medically Showing You Where the

Cancer is all over your body……….just

ignore them, favoring “What the fuck

do they know? They’re not Experts or

nothin”. There’s a Massive Difference

between blindly believin’ somethin’ &

when shown the factual evidence and

offering no factual clean non partisan

counter to those facts; ignorin’ it. The

Height of Ignorance is being shown a

wealth of knowledge, and choosing to

"Oklahoma(<-Reality is a lie!)

IGNORE it. This isn’t One Big fucking

guessing game here and Republicans

playing “Well the Jury is still out” is a

Massive lie. The Jury Ruled years ago

and you lyin moron fuckers don’t like

the Factual Verdict. Well, Tough Titty

said the kitty. And Other Citizens Are

not subject 2 your ignorant Decisions

YOU are accountable…………..assholes!

The only “debate” is your empty skull

And Fat ‘Corporately Funded’ Wallets

NOTE: Republicans ‘Think’ Asshole’s
Who Bankrupted Our Entire Country
Are Funny. Explains Why There ARE
No Right Wing Funny Comedians BC
Assholes Always Punch Down….They
Can’t Win Punching Up. Such ‘Pricks’
NOTE II: Nancy Sanatra Puts Trump
In His: “Now, The End Is Near” Place

Have a day!

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