Harvey Danger, Dem Diss

January 18th, 2017

Steve Harvey knows exactly what

about H U DĀ  (Housing And Urban

Steve Harvey XX(BUZZ!)

Development)? Oh right; nothing

Pretty soon he will select a boy in

a cardboard Rocketship as NASAs

new head. This is Going To be the

largest disaster since W Bush and

HE’s light years better than “Don”

Trump. Let THAT ‘Sink In’ People

Dems Diss Trump

60 Dems plan on bonkin Trumps

inauguration. Gee, do You Recall

Dozens-of-lawmakers-say-they-are-planning-to-skip-inauguration-day(Few More)

RepublicansĀ  gathering to all just

delegitimize Obama and blow off

HIS inauguration? Oh yeah me 2

Reap what all you fuckers Sowed

Karma is Bitch Folks. And what’s

good for the goose’s good for the

Gander. BUT, Republicans ‘Never’

thought About That One. Oooops

NOTE: Sorry No Post Yesterday
Very Busy With Elderly Parents

Have a day!

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