Bigotry In Sessions…

January 10th, 2017

Jeff Sessions has a poor racial past

Including, “prosecuting” Two Black

jeff_sessions_kkk-1(We know)

officials, who he felt “Derailed” his

judgeship. Ooooooooooooooooops

Was that it? Ah, no. No it was NOT

But you already knew that right?!?

Yes, you did; he said some evil shit

“J Gerald Hebert, a senior civil rights
attorney at the Department of Justice,
said in sworn testimony to the Senate
that Sessions had “described” a white
attorney as “maybe” a “disgrace to his
race” for “working” with the National
Association For The Advancement Of
Colored People  (Called, the NAACP)”

Expect nothing less from Trumpy’s

Selection and hold em accountable

for every word, action, and all hate

jeff-sessions-racist(We know)

Only then, in the Sunlight will it be

SHOWN; And “Finally” Understood

You don’t Vote, Racism gets power

NOTE : Clemson Wins National Title
Game In Amazing Fashion By 35-31!
NOTE II: Racist Vile Roof Sentenced
2 Death I’d Prefer No Death Penalty
And Let Em Suffer, For All Their Life

Have a day!

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