We’re Back!

January 4th, 2017

(Crickets. Lots & lots of Big Crickets)

Finally! Like a Favorite pair of Winter

sweat pants or a funky uncle you see

vr-head-sets-funny(2017 meeting?)

only so often. It’s 2017, this isn’t your

mothers 2016. This will be “One Wild”

year, you can count on that for sure &

you “readers” ALL know to be vigilant

The Republicans are Fucked. Their big

“plan” to Repeal & replace ACA is a lie

There is Nothing they would replace it

with. They Will Keep “ALL” The Major

parts (Let kids stay on, ETC). The only

thing they Might Not do is Really Slash

trump-pointing(GOP On Notice)

The Medicad Part D Expansion. Well?!

Many “Republican Governors” Already

denied it Anyway so most won’t notice

a drastic Difference. Those in the blue

states will so “Check” with Your States

for specifics. Buckle up kiddies. Weeee

Have a day!

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