Trumps “Candy Kayne”…

December 14th, 2016

It’s the christmas season treat we all

wouldn’t touch Ever. Candy Kayne is


just 1 in a ‘Billion’ Other Distractions

Trump will Throw Out instead of just

dealing with his upcoming job or him

‘Picking’ Ricky “I Am, A Moron” Perry

To the voters who chose him you got

Had. Took. Suckered. Chumped. And,

he is simply W. Bush’s “shit show “on

steroids with a mixture of racist crazy

The People who Voted for Him will be

hurt the Worst and they Deserve it all

To Not KNOW What ‘Policies’ You Vote

for, news flash, they fuck you all over!

NOTE: Bernie Sanders Converts This
Trump Supporter In Less Then 2 Min

Have a day!

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