Free Balling…

December 13th, 2016

Trump refuses Daily briefs. That

is Something That’s been done &

trump-and-idiots-galore(<Fuck Facts!)

by “Every” POTUS Since Truman

That’s 1945 or 71 years to you &

I. Why?!? He thinks they are just

“I get it when I Need It. I’m a smart
person. I do not Have to be Told the
same thing in the same words every
single day for the next “eight” years.”

The only other POTUS dissing all

intelligence agencies was Nixon &

how did THAT work Out Again?!?!

But another example of ignorance

Sorry no post yesterday spent the

entire Day, Getting My Father set

in a new Place and my Mother Set

up as well. All Parents get older &

the work helping them gets heavy

Have a day!

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