Media Malpractice…

December 1st, 2016

The media’s treatment of Trump

has been obtuse, silly & ignorant

trumps-fool-aid-funny(We know!)

He is a Sociopathic racist child &

they have Allowed Him to ignore

it, by Favoring lying like a Snotty

spoiled Child arguing with Adults

They allowed it; and we, all of us

accepted it. Do You Argue With a

child over facts, reality or bed?!?

No fucking way. The way to have

them exposed is ask “why do you

think that?!?”. They’ll never have


an answer. Because they DIDN’T

And until they do, don’t Respond

to their Insanity. Period. You are

entitled to your own opinions but

not your own facts. And until our

Media Points That out it gets way

worse on a daily basis W/Trumpy

NOTE: Tennessee Wild Fires Burn
And It Is Terrible. Help If You Can
And, All Of America Is With You!!!
NOTE II: Racist Dr. Won’t Be Now
Seeing Patients, But Still Has Their
$363,000 Per Year Job?!?!? Oh No
Shine A Light, Make Them Own It!
UPDATE: It Seems ‘Racism’ Is Not
‘Selling Ads’ So Well And Breitbart
White Nationalist Racist Hate, Has
Advertisers, Quickly Running Away
Well Done Kellog’s BRAVO To You!

Have a day!

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