Only if you’re Rural, white, & armed

The Oregon Far Right Assholes who


took over a forest preserve by force,

with guns for around 41 fuckin’ days

Have been Found Not Guilty. WTF?!

This is literally Pure evil. Oh, and do

not think for a second this won’t just

embolden ALL the racist armed nuts

just like them to commit Acts of Evil

terrorism, armedĀ resistance and gun

play with all Governmental Agencies

This is The Most Disgusting Blog I’ve

the-bundy-assholes(Hee-Haw Asshole)

had to post. This Was Not Just Some

miscarriageĀ of justice, this Was a BIG

license to Destroy All Our Democracy

At no point were ever innocent of the

“Conspiracy to impede Federal Police

through intimidation threats or force”

They DID that. They did it by force, &

they were Fucking Armed to the teeth

They are on tape Taunting the federal

Officers with death. But there are still

oregon-militia-standoff-group-found-not-guilty-of-all-charges-3(Fascist Terrorists)

other charges they’re facing like some

assault & conspiracy. My heart breaks

You might want To Vote, like our Vital

Democracy Depends On it. Because in

the end, it sadly fucking does (Weeps)

NOTE: FBI Comey, Will Re-Open An
Investigation On Hillary Clinton And
Right Now Has Not Signaled He Will
Have Any Different Findings Coming
But Since It’s Weiners E-Mails You’ll
Get Plenty Of Lil’ Dick Pics, For Sure
NOTE II: BOO! Happy Halloweenis!!!
UPDATE: DNC Shill, Donna Brazile Is
OUT, At CNN! Good She Screwed Us
Bernie Supporters ‘Badly’ In Primary
Unacceptable Hate: The Usual Racist
Prick Trump Supporter Lies Said It’s
“Jew-S-A” He’s A Hateful Racist Shit

Have a day!

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