Republicans are in deep deep deep

shit right now; all of them are. You

rip-gop(Boo Scary!)

see, they Endorsed and Then They

“Unendorsed”. But most are sayin’

they Will STILL Vote Trump. Ahhh

then You ENDORSE Him. You just

can’t Detach The Two. But oh how

They ‘TRY’. Gutless, Un-Principled,

jello, flimsy, Spineless, weak, soft,

cowardly, and yellow bellied. They

own this Event In History. In time


they will all Regret their silly fence

sitting. It will End Most All of Their

Careers. GOOD!!! You Got Chaffetz

R from Utah, who Stated so Boldly:

“My wife Julia and I we have a 15-year
-old Daughter. Do You Think I can look
her in the eye & tell her that I endorsed
Donald Trump for president being that?”

Ahem, yes. Because you’re voting

FOR HIM you utter fucking idiot!!!

Any “endorsement” means nothin’

idiot. When ya cast a Vote for the

guy to be Elected POTUS you ARE

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Endorsing those actions. You can’t

escape that Shit Asshole. Not even

Houdini would Not Try Such A Sad

trick. But all the other flamin’ bags

of shit, tried the Exact Same. From

Mike Crapo (you can’t make up the

names of The loathsome Turds), to

Deb Fisher, to John Thune to Scott

Garrett, to Bradley Byrne. There is

your Republican Leadership Merica

mike-crapo-idiot-supreme(Jello Head)

We ALL know why they’re doing it

Their Voters are Split & They want

to claim their trump refusal cake &

then eat it too. All your voters, will

send you Chumps Packing because

you Split your vote. So One of your

bases isn’t Buying The Bullshit you

are “Selling”. Period. The Senate is

likely To Turn Blue. The House is a


toss up right now but Spineless R’s

created an opening. The paint isn’t

even Tacky Anymore For Electoral

Map Math. With 12 Days to go it is

pretty fucking dry. Enjoy your day!

NOTE: The Cubs Win! Look Out It
Is 1-1 Heading To Chicago For 3!!
NOTE II: Tiny Hands Drumpf Said
He Is ‘Receiving’, The Worst Media
Treatment In History. If he Means
Camera’s, Recording His Words, &
Showing Them To Citizens He’s So
Right. If Only, Trump Could Avoid
Actually Being Himself He’d Win?!
UPDATE: Now Pointing Out Racists
Overtly Racist Statements & Their
‘Massively Racist’ Actions Is Unfair
Rudy Giuliani, “To Call Anybody A
Racist Is Outrageous”. Says A Big
Racist. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh No STFU

Have a day!

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