Chump TV & The Loser…

October 26th, 2016

If your name is Donald J. Trump

things are Not Looking so Sunny


The “soft opening” of Chump TV

was Laughably Unwatchable and

it’s out there for the entire world

to keep seein’ it. It’s not that it’s

mistake ridden or they had large

technical issues. That happens &

in my industry We All know it. It

is the fact that it’s so inauthentic

and reeks of: “Let’s wing it cause

chump-life(Ahhhh Yes!)

we totally get THIS!”. No, even a

highschool AV Department has a

legion of great talent, cause they

all practiced at it; they learned it

These are entitled lyin’ machines

who don’t know The FIRST thing

About “Television, Or Streaming”

Production At All. So…..welcome

to Trumps next failed alt venture

before it even began. Ooooooops


What does Trump fear most?!?!?

His deep seeded fear of all public

embarrassment. Well, that day’s

rapidly approachin’ very fast. It’s

Called November 8th. And, How

do you know he’s a Thin skinned

lying racist hateful bully asshole?

He couldn’t ‘Take It’ When Ivana

did two sick skiflips so he pouted

tookoff his boots and just left her

skool_4_chumps(<-Trump Voter)

But that’s not The Deepest tell in

this Hateful Shallow Nothing. SO

when asked “Why don’t you ever

do Any Introspection, we’ve been

talkin’ for 5 hours?”. He said this

“Ah I don’t like to analyze myself

because….I might not like what I

see”. Yes Asshole, neither do WE!

NOTE : Obamacare, “Premiums”
Are Going Up. Can Trump, Even
Do A Good Job Explaining This?!
No, No He Can Not He Isn’t Any
Serious Person And Will Be Very
Hammered On Policy He Doesn’t
Know The First Things About Ha!
NOTE II: Trump Says, He Would
Love To “Fight” Biden?! Ohh Yes
Nothing Says Class, Like 70 Year
Old Fist Fights. Oh, And Last We
Checked, Biden, Played Football,
& Would Kick Fat Fucks Ass, ALL
Over That Old Back Of The Gym
He Takes the Bait & Goes Down!
UPDATE : THIS Drastic Electoral
Polling Fact, Has Undone Trump
He Was Up 19 Points, With MEN
And Now, Hillary Is, 3 Points UP
With Men. This Spells Landslide!

Have a day!

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