Reality Is Now “Rigged”…

October 25th, 2016

According to Trump, racists, morons

and out right Alt Right lunatics. They

trump-shrug-congress(<-NOT Funny)

are so Confident Reality Is Now Fake

because They’ve Been Only Listening

To “Fake” In Trump/FOX/Right Wing

Hate Echo Chamber lies. Now, Rump

thinks all the scientific polling is fake

Why? Well it’s all cause they are such

Massive fucking assholes, Who Reject

reality. Well it sure as Fuck Knows all

about you idiots. Perhaps, it is reality


and Accepting Reality is their biggest

foe. And they’re getting beaten like a

like An Armless Drunk, Racist Picking

Fights, With UFC ‘Champions’. It ends

badly & they Deserve every thing that

Comes On, November 8th. None Of It

means SHIT, until you vote vote vote!

Ask Romney How Unskewed went?!?!

NOTE: Cubs Game One Starts Tonight
As A Die Hard White Sox Fan I Will Be
Pulling For Them. Go Get Em & Win It

Have a day!

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