Final Debate…FINALLY

October 19th, 2016

This has been one of the most fucked

up Election Seasons Of My Entire Life

Train-Wreck-1(Trump Campaign)

And tonight’s the final debate. It’ll be

a shit show to end all shit shows and

Trump Will Throw, The Entire kitchen

sink at her. Why?!?! Well, he has got

nothing left to lose. So, he might call

her, A Zombie Hooker From Mars, Or

Scream She “Kills babies In Her Cave

and Eats their carcass” or tries to say

He Never Said Everything He Already

debate-bing-drinking-game(Drinking Bingo!)

is on tape fucking saying. You’ll also

see Obama’s Half Brother for “some”

insane reason since He isn’t running

for office again. I’m playing a Stellar

Drinking Game Tonight. Luckily, this

“Shit Show” is almost Over. My liver

can’t take it anymore. So, Donor List

here I come Baby! November 8th!!!!

Will they Shake Hands, or close their


Cage To Blunderdome?!?!?! DRINK!

Expect Chris Wallace, to check Zero

Fact/Lies Trump Spews in this show

of blundering ignorance & pure hate

NOTE: Marco Rubio Doesn’t Like The
Wiki Leaks Because THEY Are NEXT!
Ha, No Principals There At All. Ha Ha
NOTE2: Obama To Trump “Stop Your
Whining” And Dismisses His Insanity
UPDATE: R-Issa Is Now A Toss Up &
That Puts The Senate Up For Grabs!!

Have a day!

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