This Is Getting Serious…

October 18th, 2016

It seems if the Trumpsters don’t

get their Way, it’s “Pitch Forks &


Torches Time!“. Wait, WTF!?!?!?

Isn’t this incitement?! Yes, yes it

is and you can bet your Watched

We Have, Legal Elections In This

country. If you don’t like it cause

you are Supporting a Racist loud

mouthed lying asshole who can’t

achieve nation wide support well

then fuck off. This isn’t a fucking

dan-bowman-612x412(FBI Knock Knock!)

joke people. Some Asshole called

Dan Bowman, Called for Hillary’s

“execution”. Welcome to The FBI

you Heeeeee-Haaaw Violent Fuck

This is Serious Shit folks. And we

can’t have this in our discourse at

all people. They are illegal Acts in

Spewing This “Abusive Hate”. It’s

against the law. Tomorrow is that

final circus shit show debate, and


ALL of America is looking forward

to being Done with 1 of the worst,

most disgusting Campaigns we’ve

ever seen in modern history. Sad!

NOTE: Shep Smith Comes Out As
Gay Is As Shockin’ As When Ricky
Martin Did. Yes We Already Knew
NOTE2: Evil Monster Starves And
Beats His 2 Year Old To Death Oh
Holy Shit, That Is, Pure Pure EVIL
UPDATE: Cubs Do Game 3 Tonite!

Have a day!

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