My Two Pence & Candy Kaine

October 5th, 2016

If you tuned in to watch the Two VP

candidates debate you were treated


to a big Thanksgiving family dinner

People yelling cuttin’ each other off

and not remotely Telling The Truth

Optics, Pence inched it out. Looked

calm. And, Kaine cut him off way to

much. And yet, that was Their Goal

Kaine was sent out to be the Attack

Dog forcing Pence to Defend Trump

And, ALL Of His Odious Hateful Lies

Pence wouldn’t defend him and lied

pence-showing-he-lied-so-often(“Trump who?”)

OFTEN. Here are some of The Gems

“No, he never said that”. Yes, yes he

did. So Kaine then Asked Pence this:

“But, can you defend Donald
Trump’s claim that more nations
should get nuclear weapons?”

Pence’s Response like every time he

was asked to defend Trump?!! He’d

change The Subject to “Iran”. But a

final gem is Kaine asking Pence this

“More nations should get Nukes?!?”

Pence “He never said that”. Yes, he

the-debaters-on-tv(Warped World)

DID. And this is their Undoing here

So who won the debate? Well it was

Kaine on substance & you will see it

born out, with Clips of Pence saying

that Trump never Said “X” Followed

by a fucking Clip of Trump Saying X

THAT will Damage them in the Long

run. And so Pence gets the night but

will lose more Voters with all his lies

It seems A Pyrrhic Victory. And One

the-debators-with-back-to-us(So long!)

where Pence looks OK now but after

the lies come out, Bad. It Makes the

Trumpster Fire, look Even worse By

us all remembering the batshitcrazy

vile Hate He Spews. Will this debate

change anythin?! Not likely, only on

Sunday could. But don’t expect That

NOTE: My ‘Irony Meter’ Shattered
Trumpy Tweets: “Kaine’s Constant
Interruptions”, Should ‘Have Been’
Stopped. Is This Real Life?!?!?!?!?!
NOTE II: This Big Political Ad From
The Clinton Camp….Is Devastating
They, Had This Loaded, & It Killed

Have a day!

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