In a last ditch effort to fan the flames

of The Tire Fire Known As Drumpf, he

donald-trump-has-caused-a-bitter-fight-inside-a-h-2-12831-1443238352-0_big(<-Lying Machine)

decided to “Go To Mexico” before his

“Big Immigration” Rehash. So he will

either A) Not go makin’ up an excuse

B) Go and be surly humiliated by the

President Of Mexico Peña Nieto, Who

hates Drumpf, or C) Get Abused, and

pretends to his minions that he “won”

All are bad Situations. All hurt him in

Enrique-Peña-Nieto(“Decir lo que?”)

the long run but so what?! He’s a nut

who knows nothin’ about any foreign

policy or why he’s walking into a trap

The reason Nieto set up the meetin?!

His Popularity’s Now 23%, VERY low

Anyone Who Demanded Another guy

build his “Racist” Wall Won’t like him

with comparing him to Mussolini and

Hilter with his hateful words. Oh, and

Daily Show Donny the asshole(No shit!)

Mexican citizens hate Drumpf as well

with only a 3% Favorability in Mexico

This is hilariously Tone Deaf, and like

everything this buffoon has done it all

will blow up in his lying racist fat face

He’s trying to Have Both his big racist

base and reach out. Can’t Have BOTH

(Ask McCain, if this worked for him, or
Mittens McRichy if the London trip also
worked for him?! All the desperate lyin’
policyless Racists do ALL the same shit
& still keep expecting Different results)

Republican Racist Party

They just took racist Joe Arpaio. Now

a final Nail in their “Coffin”. For trying

LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 22: Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the South Point Hotel & Casino on February 22, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trump is campaigning in Nevada for the Republican presidential nomination ahead of the state's Feb. 23 Republican caucuses. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)(<-Hateful Racist)

to Shed the, “No, were not racists” it’s

all Over in Picking LePage, Arpaio, and

Trump. THEY are the ugly face of their

hate party. And “National Polling” tells

us this. But do they care?!?!? Oh FUCK

no. They Wear Their KKK Get Ups Now

proudly. And If Those Voters in certain

pockets of the country Vote them in we

all suffer as a Nation; and that’s so sick

arpaio the busted racistjpg(Ooooops)

Now also vet the policies of Democrats

as well. If They Are Right Leaning liars,

don’t Vote em in either, or you will get

the EXACT same horrific results. Boom!

NOTE: Polls Are Slightly Tightening &
It ‘Appears’ Either Mexico, Or Debates
Will ‘Likely’ Be The Next Big Widening
Clinton Is Still A 77% Favorite To Win
Which At This State In A “Race” Those
#’ers Start Turning To Stone. VOTE!!!!
NOTE II: Chris Brown, Is A Royal Dick
Who ‘Deserves’ All His Legal Problems
UPDATE: Trump Doesn’t “Say” To The
Mexican Presidents Face; “You Pay for
It!!!” When He Had The Chance I’ll Bet
He Says It Again Tonight Meanin’ He’s
Scared To “Spew Hate” To Their Faces

Have a day!

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